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Looks used.

I am extremely disappointed with my recent experience with perfumeonline.ca I ordered a perfume and was shocked to receive an item that appeared used. This is unacceptable, as customers expect new, unopened products when making a purchase.

Upon contacting customer service and providing photographic evidence of the issue, I was only offered a 20% refund. This offer does not adequately address the situation, especially given the condition of the product I received.

I believe that a full refund or an exchange for a new, unused item would be a more appropriate resolution. Unfortunately, the company's unwillingness to offer a satisfactory solution has left me very dissatisfied.

I hope that perfumeonline.ca will take steps to improve their quality control and customer service policies to prevent such issues in the future.


Excited as I was. I opened the packaging which was sealed by the way only to see the bottle empty I was so infuriated and unhappy because I paid for this to come without any flaw. Like how did that happen? I was so disappointed to be honest please do better to your customers. Ensure bottles are kept well to avoid things like this from destroying peoples mood. Imagine I was giving it out as a gift I’d be looked at like a villain when I knew nothing about it. The only good thing was the delivery. Please fix up and be better.

Lattafa Asad
Adarsh R
Strong, Power!!!

Nothing to explain, one of the best Dior Sauvage elixir clones. 100% would recommed


At first I doubted it was going to be a legit fragrance since the price was so low but just received it and it is exactly like the one I saw at the perfume store. It smells amazing

Insurrection 2 Dark
Tran Bronstein
Nice Cherry Forward Twist on the Aventus DNA; Could Be A Lot Stronger

* Nice differentiation from the rest of the Insurrection II line
* Nice blend of cherry, citrus, wood, pepper and powder aromas
* Good price point
* Great for younger users
* Good for warm weather
* Unisex

* Nowhere near as potent as the other Insurrection II line flankers
* Weak performance; especially shocking if you have other Insurrection II flankers
* Dark name is rather misleading
* Not good for older users
* Not good for serious or formal occasions
* Requires serious overspraying and respraying

Insurrection II Dark is another flanker in Reyane's Insurrection II line. With the sole exception of absolute runaway banger hit Wild which is a beautiful tobacco fragrance, each Insurrection II flanker is a play on the classic Creed Aventus DNA but varies the fruit notes in each one to come up with a new fragrance. It's such a simple yet brilliant way to vary the line that I'm genuinely suprised Creed didn't think of it themselves. Pure has the classic pineapple opening; Emperor has an orange and vanilla opening; Dark has a nice cherry blast in the opening before settling down into pink pepper, citrus, wood and powder aromas. That wood note is birch which gives it a bit of a fougere touch which is nice. With a name like Dark, I was expecting an addition of an additional darker note like coffee or cocoa or iris. There is none, which kind of makes the name misleading.

Unfortunately, Dark is nowhere near as potent as the other Insurrection II flankers. The others aren't beast mode by any means, but they certainly had a decently average performance. Dark is a shockingly weak performer in comparison. This requires massive overspraying and respraying. Which is perfectly fine especially for the price point. But again, when you realize the other flankers are so much stronger, it does make you wonder why this one isn't.

Like the other flankers, this is great for younger users and is totally unisex. It's a good choice for warm weather. I don't think older users would appreciate it and it isn't good for serious or formal occasions.

Everything about this works. It's a fun pleasurable fragrance just like the rest of the line. Had it only just matched or exceeded their performance, this would be the absolute best flanker in the line.

Marly Althair
Karam Malik
The smell is amazing, but was a disappointmented on the longevity

The smelll is Amazing 👏 but the longevity is kinda mid for the price of it.

Lattafa Asad
Perfume Lover

The smell is perfect. I can't stop wearing it

Ck One
Harry Nair
Awesome smell

Even though I purchased a tester, it smells amazing. I have received numerous compliments from colleagues and especially girls. The perfume is not intense but last for hours.

D&G Light Blue
Harry Nair
Great price Low quality

Having such great review, I thought to buy from PerfumeOnline and was not fully satisfied. The price of the product is great but not impressed by the quality. Being EDT, I expected the smell to last couple of hours. However, the product loses smell after 30 to 45 minutes. It could be because I purchased a tester.

Initio Blessed Baraka
Mark Polyansky
Definite Cult style

I’ve smelled this before buying it and after reading Dan’s review. Dude is right…cult leader style. Nothing like this and keeps me coming back for more. I prefer this over Side Effect

Initio Paragon
Mark Polyansky
Best in Hedonist

After trying a sample of all the perfumes in the Hedonist line. This stuck to me. Something about that plum that hits just right with a light lavender. Having this, Side Effect and Blessed Baraka…its tough but I must say this is my favorite

Official beach scent

This sits great in a humid environment. If you going out to the beach..enjoy it with this scent


Experienced users and collectors nab this! 1 spray is all you need. You will overpower the senses! I recommend if you going out on a date or formal event…spray at least 2hrs prior to going out. Welcome 👌🏿

Xerjoff 1861 Naxos
Mark Polyansky
The Naxos

Mature. Last long on skin and way longer on clothes. Smells amazing. Compliments galore. Who cares what month, what season, what natural disaster…this thing performs well. Enjoy.
Warning…my friend enjoyed it so too much and sprayed 4x…you only need 1-2! Don’t be a hoe 😆

Y By Ysl Edp

Mine look fake🫠😐 the box look Like a fake

Orange Creamsicle Seasoned with Pink Peppercorns

* Smells just like an orange creamsicle seasoned with pink peppercorns
* Good blend of sweet, citrus, and vanilla aromas with slight aromatic fougere touches of herbs
* Good price point
* Good QPR value
* Great for younger users
* Good for warm weather
* Unisex

* Smells just like an orange creamsicle seasoned with pink peppercorns
* Can be easily replicated by layering a citrus and a vanilla fragrance
* Aromatic fougere notes could be stronger to help differentiate it
* Not good for older users
* Not good for those who dislike modern sweet fragrances

Reyanne's Insurrection II Emperor is a flanker in their Insurrection II line which mostly takes its inspiration from Creed Aventus (except for Insurrection II Wild which is a fantastic Mugler A*Men Pure Malt clone). This takes that idea and runs away with the citrus while dropping the tropical fruit and amping up the herbal notes. The result is that it smells like an orange creamsicle in the opening before some more sophisticated aromatic fougere style herbal and pink pepper notes appear in the drydown to give it some sophistication.The major issue is that aromatic fougere notes aren't quite strong enough to lift this into Parfum de Marley's Sedley or Lattafa's Maahir Legacy territory, so the orange creamsicle aroma dominates overall. It's a very pleasant and fun aroma, but it may also come off smelling too sweet and candy-like for some.

Overall, this is great for younger users who like the modern style of sweet and fresh fragrances. Not so much for older users. It can easily be replicated with a citrus forward fragrance such as Acqua di Gio or a clone thereof layered with a strong vanilla forward fragrance (like Reyanne's own Insurrection). Or you can just grab this from a discounter. Price point is excellent, quality is high. It's totally unisex and great for the warm months. Recommended, especially if you like sweet and fresh fragrances.

Sweet and Fresh Fragrance Infused with the Aventus, Explorer and Invictus DNA

* Nice clean Sweet and Fresh style cologne with similar style DNA to Creed, Montblanc and Paco Rabanne newer fragrances
* Good blend of citrus, pineapple, vanilla, wood, herb and patchouli musk aromas
* Great for warmer weather
* Excellent price point
* Good QPR value
* Unisex
* Great for younger users
* Good performance.

* Lacks the intensity in the smoked birch note that made Aventus famous
* Extremely crowded market for this type of fragrance
* Confusing decision to make three other similar flankers (Insurrection II Pure, Pure Extreme, Pure Extreme Sport, and Pure II Concentrated)
* Not good for older users
* Not good for those who dislike sweet fragrances

Insurrection II Pure Extreme is a very good value from Reyanne. It's clearly modeled after the famous Creed Aventus which has been cloned to death now. Certainly the DNA is there. This is a very clean blend of sweet, fresh, citrus, pineapple, vanilla, wood, herb and patchouli musk aromas. It's got a nice strong fruit opening that dries down into a soft tropical fruit and powder drydown. This is a very pleasant and uplifting fragrance that would appeal to those who like the modern Creed, Montblanc and Paco Rabanne style of sweet and fragrances. For Aventus lovers, it lacks the famous intensely strong birchwood note in the opening that people love. Of course, so does Aventus itself now and that costs hundreds of dollars. This comes at an excellent price point from discounters and delivers high quality for that dollar.

Of course, many criticize the newer modern style of fragrances as appealing to the younger social media addicted demographic and that applies here as well. This is great for younger users, not so much for older more mature ones who would like a more serious fragrance. If you enjoy the Aventus, Invictus, 1 Million, this is definitely up your alley. This is unisex and great for warmer weather and the outdoors. Performance is good with decent sillage, projection and longevity. Recommended.

Chanel w
Sutble Rose

Notes to my nose:
woodsy (only a little)

This is a very safe blind buy if you're looking for a feminine fragrance. It's a little sweet but I'll probably layer it but it opens with a heavy alcohol smell but the dry down is very good.

You Re Drugged Emir
Tran Bronstein
Fragrant Spicy Gourmand Fragrance with a Fougere Touch; Chai Tea as a Fragrance

* Beautiful and warm sweet cardamom and cinnamon opening note
* Heady blend of cardamom, coffee, cinnamon, whisky and vanilla notes that reminds of Chai tea
* Unisex
* Lighter and fresher than its brethren When Soul Gets High
* Good for older users
* Interesting fougere note on the drydown
* High QPR value; punches well above its price piont

* Coffee note is non-existent
* Not good for younger users
* Leans more masculine
* No fresh or fruit notes to lift up the fragrance
* Nowhere near as complex as When Soul Gets High

Emir's You're Drugged is a clone of Killian's Intoxicated. Neither name makes sense, to be honest, given what we have here. It's a warm combination of cardamon, cinnamon, coffee, whisky and vanilla notes. The opening is especially beautiful, a straight sweet cardamom and cinnamon blast. The gourmand whisky, coffee and vanilla notes arrive on the mid and as a whole this will remind you of Chai Tea as a whole.

This is good for both sexes and is noticeably lighter and fresher than its brethren When Soul Gets High. However, You're Drugged lacks a fruit or fresh note to lift it the same way When Soul Gets High also lacks one. As such, this may be overwhelming to some. This leans more masculine as a result and so is better for more mature users.

While this is not as complex as When Soul Gets High, this is still very good. Extremely high quality at an amazing price point. Gourmand and spicy cologne lovers should definitely pick this up. Recommended.

Incredible and Seductive Honeyed Amber Tobacco Fragrance

* Seductive and warm combination of sweet, amber, honey, spice, tobacco, chocolate, vanilla, powder and patchouli musk aromas
* Incredibly complex and attractive
* Monster performer
* Actually BETTER than tthe cologne it is trying to clone
* Unisex
* Incredibly high QPR value; punches far, FAR above its price point
* Great for older users
* Perfect for intimate occasions

* Potency may irritate some
* Not good for younger users
* Not good for formal or serious occasions
* Leans more masculine than feminine
* No fruit or fresh notes to lighten this up

Emir's When Soul Gets High is a clone of Killian's Back to Black. Having smelled the latter at the Sephora near where I live, I can assure you that When Soul Gets High is most definitely not a clone -- it's BETTER. Way better. It completely surpasses the original the same way that Lattafa's Khamrah has surpassed Killian's Angel's Share. This is a seductive and warm combination of aromas: sweet honey, amber, spices, tobacco, powder, musk, chocolate and vanilla. This is insanely good. It's warm, seductive, complex and attractive.

Performance is off the charts in all aspects. It's unisex but it definitely leans male. The value for the price is incredible and this punches far, far above its price point. This is good for formal occasions, especially at night. It's especially great for mature users. It's not good for younger users who prefer lighter and fresher fragrances.

There is no fruit or fresh note to lift this that I can detect, despite the claims of a cherry or raspberry note. The lack of freshness can honestly make this overwhelming to some, but really, that's the point of this one. Highly recommended, especially for amber and spicy fragrance lovers. The great price and high quality seals the deal.

Lattafa Khamrah
Great coffee and Cinnamon scent

Love it!

So smooth and creamy!

As the title says, this perfume is so smooth, so creamy. Not so nutty with I enjoy. This was a really good purchase for the price. It's sillage is also very good. What an absolut great gormand/fresh scent.

Yara Tous
Worth all that TikTok hype

I was looking for a mango perfume, something for summer. And I saw that this was popular all over TikTok so I thought I’d give it a go.
It’s so yummy!! It gives me tropical sunscreen vibes, and I’m not someone who likes the small of sunscreen, with a hint of musk in the base notes which is a great touch.
Considering the price, I find this one of my favourite finds!!

Not happy

I was so excited to try this perfume and I had ordered the 100ml edp not the tester or the used versions and the bottle I received is half empty. I emailed customer service and hope this can be resolved as I paid almost $100 for the full unopened bottle and to receive a half empty bottle is really upsetting.

Too Weak!

I'm not too impressed with this clone... I tested it side by side with the OG for a week, and noticed that it didn't last on my skin for more than 1.5 hour... And also, it has a weak projection, and not close enough to the OG ...And smells cheap. Therefore, it's not worth paying $56.95 for this clone which I paid.

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