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Armaf Craze
Tran Bronstein
Sweet and Complex Clone of PDM Pegasus for Men/Dior Hypnotic Poison for Women

* Enticing blend of sweet, fresh, fruit, wood, vanilla, powder and a very distinctive almond note
* Identical to Parfums de Marly Pegasus and Dior Hypnotic Poison
* Very good performer
* Affordable price
* High quality to price ratio
* Cool bottle
* Unisex

* Not for those who dislike modern sweet colognes in the vein of Invictus and 1 Million
* Leans to younger users
* Not good for more serious formal occasions

Craze is evidence that the distinction between male "colognes" and female "perfumes" is total BS. It's a darn good clone of both Parfums de Marley's Pegasus cologne and Dior's Hypnotic Poison. If you've ever smelled either side by side in any high end store, then you know this is true. The only thing that makes any fragrance "male" or "female" is the packaging and marketing. Craze is marketed to men with what is honestly a pretty darn cool looking bottle. Yet this is totally unisex and I honestly could bottle it in a fruit or flower shaped bottle and sell it to women just as successfully.

Craze blends sweet, fresh, fruit, wood, vanilla, powder and a very strong and smooth almond note that stands out. It's a modern sweet and fresh cologne that adds gourmand notes to the formula to great effect, the same way Paco Rabanne's Invictus Victory and Lattafa's Victorioso Victory do. It works. Quality is crazy high, with really good performance all through the day and an excellent price point. Really an easy recommend on quality alone.

This is is a very modern sweet style cologne and you should stay away if that's not your thing. It leans more towards younger users. This is suitable for festive occasions and everyday wear, but probably shouldn't be used for more serious formal occasions like a funeral or a formal job interview.


I wanted this fragrance years ago. Forgot about it, lost my interest for fragrances for a bit. Regain my interest. Fell in love with fragrances harder then ever. Looked for Si Fiori. Found out it was discontinued. Came across this restock a while ago. Finally purchased on Black Friday. This fragrance is just a good as I remember. Sweet creamy black currant. Reminds me of Burberry her elixir just sub the black currant for the strawberries. I love the gift set. I’m so glad I have it. I would recommend but I might gate keep🤫. So I can buy another back up😏.

Celestial Emir
Mohammed Shafi Cheriyil
Smell Good

I haven't smelled the original version of this perfume. Though the smell reminds me of a tiny touch of BR 540. Not so heavy not so light, good to wear on any occasion. Great job done by Perfume online.com.

Mature and Sophisticated Iris Aroma; Good DHI Clone

* Good blend of iris, powder, floral, musk, violet and wood aromas
* Elegant and sophisticated aroma
* Great option for those who dislike modern fresh and sweet, aromatic fougere, gourmand, Oriental/spicy and citrus colognes that dominate the market
* Excellent for nighttime, formal and romantic occasions
* Quality stylish bottle
* Good performance
* Great value for the money

* Not suitable for younger users
* Not unisex
* Aroma is often associated with women's makeup

Frenetic Homme Intense is a clone of the very classy and high end Dior Homme Intense. Emir has put some effort into replicating the classy feel without directly copying the look of the original product. It's a nice blend of iris, powder, floral, musk, violent and wood aromas. The iris is of course the star of the show here, you know exactly what you want and are getting if you're going after this.

The aroma is elegant and sophisticated, a perfect counter to those who dislike the fragrances that currently dominated the cologne market. Namely aromatic fougeres, Oriental/spicy, citrus and especially fresh and sweet colognes. This is a mature and adult cologne and its DNA sets it apart from the rest of the market. This said, the aroma of iris is also strongly associated with women's makeup which has as much chance of being a turnoff to some users as it is to elicit a positive association. It really depends on the user and the situation.

Performance is good. Suitable for all nighttime, formal and date occasions. Leans heavily towards older users. Somewhat ironically, this is not unisex despite the heavy iris note. This is a tremendous value, especially compared to the price of the original, and an easy recommend.

Lattafa Khamrah Qahwa
Surya Pratap Singh
Zara warm addictive vibe, but lasts longer

Ingredients are quality , compared to Zara warm addictive , lasts way longer

Nelly Dafroza
The Best of the Best Perfume

This Perfume is amazing and it smell is so so amazing. Thanks to my friend who gave me the name of this Perfume. Finally I found it here at PerfumeOnline.ca and I bought it right away! Thank you so much for the fast delivery! I am going to recommend it to all of my friends as well!!

Classic Citrus Forward Cologne; Great Clone of Acqua di Gio

* Classic and timeless citrus forward scent
* Virtually identical to Giorgio Armani Acqua di Gio
* Unisex
* Versatile and suitable for all occasions and activities
* Great for layering with other colognes and perfumes
* Affordable
* Good value

* Straightforward and one-dimensional
* Bested by the original's flankers and clones of those flankers
* Alcoholic blast in the opening that needs a couple of minutes to settle down
* Not good for those who dislike citrus style colognes
* Average performer

Clasico de Intense is a dead on accurate clone of the famous and groundbreaking Acqua di Gio. It's a classic and timeless fresh citrus forward scent that broke the hold of aromatic fougeres and made aromatic citrus colognes a permanent mainstay in the market. Sure there are other more earthy notes in the base, but this is all about the citrus. Once the alcoholic blast in the opening dries down, the citrus is what it's all about. This is pleasant, uplifting and refreshing. You know what you're getting with this. All citrus all the time. It's fantastic for layering with other fragrances, especially other fresh, vanilla forward or incense forward colognes.

With this said, this template has become one-dimensional as more sophisticated and varied flankers and clones of those flankers have hit the market. These blend the powerhouse citrus base with other styles of colognes that are emore complex and interesting, all of which can be found here on the site as well. Think Absolu, Profondo and Profumo. I'd recommend Clasico de Profondo which is this cologne's flanker.

This is a truly versatile cologne and is suitable for all occasions, locations, and times. It's also quite suitable for women to use as well.

Got a leaking bottle

I got a damage bottle and no one here responded to my email even showed the pictures

Jaguar Gold
Tran Bronstein
Surprising Citrus/Gourmand/Fougere Flanker to the Jaguar Line

* Very appealing and surprisingly complex scent that mixes citrus, fruit, gourmand and fougere styles of aromas very well
* Smooth texture to the scent
* Good flanker to the Jaguar Classic line that complements Jaguar Classic Red in particular
* Very affordable
* Unisex

* Poor overall performance; requires both overspraying and repeat spraying throughout the day
* Much higher quality citrus and gourmand colognes available on the market that could be layered together for the same effect

Jaguar Classic Gold is a very well blended scent that is more complex than it lets on. It mixes citrus, tropical banana, vanilla, musk and lavender aromas together and comes up with something very nice. It's appealing but not overdone, and the smoothness to the aroma's texture is very noticeable and pleasant. The banana note, while synthetic, does give a very unique touch to this cologne and I haven't really smelled it in any other cologne before. It's a great complement in particular to the line's Classic Red flanker which has a very nice berry note.

The major drawback is that it's a poor performer overall. It requires overspraying on first application and respraying throughout the day for an average performance. The entire Jaguar Classic like suffers from this issue overall. If the formulas were strengthened and the quality improved, this could be up there with the Bentley line in terms of reputation and price. As it is, a low priced Jaguar cologne line seems contrary to the image the Jaguar car line represents.

Still, this is extremely affordable and a very nice scent. I recommend it for daily use. I find it suitable for both sexes just like Classic Red and it is more suited to younger users for work, school, gym and overall day use.

Swiss Arabian Hawa
Aisha Onatunde
Hawa is a guaranteed head turner

I bought the 3mls sample as that was the only option available and after smelling this, I had to keep it for special occasions. This perfume is a hit back to back. It has this unique, classy, show stopper smell and I simply can't wait to get my hands on the 100mls bottle.

Super femenine

Wow! Fast shipping.
Very feminine , fragrance I love the bottle.
I will purchase again. Thank you perfumeonline (:

Great blind purchase

Just got this on Black Friday blind purchase and what an amazing cologne! The packaging is top notch.

Great fragrance

Has a very nice smell

Tantalizing, hypnotizing, light & exotic.

Had in my home since the late 70's. Still have a bottle and it is like a memory every time I spray some in the air. Not sure why it is always unavailable although it is a great scent, even for me who is allergic and sensitive to most perfumes and solvents.

Asmaa Motawaa
Not original

It's come with this cover and open with smell like it's expired.

Yara Tous
Carolina calina
Very lactonic

Coconut, white flowers and musk with a hint of vanilla, it's lactonic and has sunscreen vibe

One of my favourite scents that I wear regularly. Smokey and sweet. Slightly less smokey that the "nuit" version to this which is also nice. I also have to say that the nozzle sprays the fragrance very well and very even. Highly recommend for anytime use! The nice simple bottle is also nice.

Deep and rich

A deep and rich fragrance. I get compliments most days that I wear it. Though it is expensive it can make for a great fragrance to wear on special occasions.


Nice and sweet. If you enjoy sweeter notes this fragrance can be a cost efficient option for a fragrance. It’s also pretty light, not overpowering, and lasts a good amount of time. Highly recommend.

Nautica Blue
Clinton Tyler
You can't go wrong with this timeless classic

What can I say? This is a classic marine scent that is very masculine, sporty, and strong with being the least bit overbearing. Women love it, and it feels great to wear. At this price, you simply can't go wrong.

Dunhill X'Centric
Clinton Tyler
Even better than I expected...

I bought the combination EdT and Aftershave set. It arrived in perfect condition and is absolutely legit. The packaging is gorgeous, and the products are wonderful - exactly as I remember them. An amazing price for a product I used to have to spend triple for almost 20 years ago.

Ok buy not really worth the price

After reading and seeing reviews I expected more. The mint is nice but nothing crazy. There's better mint forward fragrances that are more modern such as Nishane Ege or Xerjoff Torino 21. The bottle is nice though. I also was not happy about the batch code and url code being cut out of the box and etched off the bottle. It was clearly opened and re-sealed in order to do so. Now I have no way of telling what year it was from to prove its vintage if I ever wanted to sell it. As a collector this is a big issue. Also the price was absurd. As I've noticed with many fragrances on this site. Some are priced well while others are rediculous. I dont recommend this one for any more than $1 per ml.

Stephen Collins
Better then I expected

Smells like a nice air freshener, a lot of lavender and citrus. good for the price honestly

Favorite afnan fragrance

super sweet bubblegum type opening, with a mix of cinnamon and apple. great winter fragrance. my bottle did end up breaking so I got to repurchase unfortunately.

Lattafa Asad
Stephen Collins
Close to elixir but not exact

opens up super spicy with some fruityness and vanilla. the opening is a bit harsh but the dry down is smooth. overall a decent dupe fragrance.

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