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Very good


Very good

Great fragrance

I think this is a safe scent.
Not cloying or too sweet.
Has an addictive quality and won’t disappoint.

Smells so nice

I loveeeeeeeeeee it on my man

Ck One
Jorge Alves
Very good

I am impressed with the speed of delivery, the product is perfectly packaged and I am very happy with the service.
The perfume is very good and original, you can buy without fear.
canada's best perfume store.

Very good

I am impressed with the speed of delivery, the product is perfectly packaged and I am very happy with the service.
The perfume is very good and original, you can buy without fear.
canada's best perfume store online.

Great smell

A little strong at first, then smoky, but an amazing fruity dry down. Definitely something you can smell from afar


Nice scent for any occasion long lasting and worth every penny

One Million
Fresh and elegant

Give you fresh feeling


Elegant masculine perfect for special occasion


Very nice perfume. Delivery was spot on

Awesome vanilla scent

Will be great in cooler weather!

Great casual summer wear

This is great for just going out with friends for a bite to eat during the day and just putting something on that's smell nice. Great for casual stuff and I love the fact it does not last long too, so I can switch it up to another fragrance later on. A lot of ladies love the smell.

Beautiful fragrance

Fan your flames is a beautiful fragrance. The notes are masculine and well blended. One of the best offerings from Nishane

Outstanding scent.

I am not a big fun of fresh aquatic scents, but I have a stereotype that Issey Miyaki is all about aquatics. I was wrong, that one has nothing to do with that and blue too. Just grate woody, spicy scent. I loved it from the first sniff, and I learnt that the scent is discontinued, so I went ahead and ordered backup bottle. Besides there is an extra bonus, it costs like nothing now.

May David

delivery is right on time. Perfume is amazing. my new favorite!

Not blue

Not typical blue fragrance what so ever in here. It gets better in the dry down, the opening is a bit eugenol, dentist vibe, it goes away quick. Sweet, woody, leather, vanilla I would say. Sample before you buy. Not bad at all but it is not a blue fragrance.

Fresh not citrus

More masculine than unisex, it is fresh but not citrus. Very different, lasts around 6 hours on my skin. I blind bought this one and I'm satisfied with it

The best I've had yet!

I got this as a sample a while back and I have a massive collection of designer perfumes. Out of every one I've ever tried this is by far the best one ever! I finally ordered the largest size bottle and it's still amazing and definitely turns some heads and gets noticed. ...the name is also to die for. ;) 😉

Cool Water
Dhanpreet Kaur

Added to my order just to get free shipping, but turned out this scent very refreshing.

Coty Stetson
Muriel Leduc

my husband has been looking for stetson for years, finally found it he is happy which makes a happy home. When he decides he does not want a beard any more we'll be looking for the after shave!!!!!

Gift Set is priced right

They were sold out of every size except the gift set, but for $50 you get 100ml bottle, 1x75ml body wash & 1x75ml after shave. Worth it.

This cologne starts off as lightly powerdy, possibly from the lavender. when it drys down you get more of the warm pepper spice and woody scents. Its not over powering. Wearing in summer weather currently and getting about 6-8 hours of longevity.
Cooler fall temps might draw it out longer. I would put this down as clean casual anytime wear similar to Mont Blanc Legend

Not a fan of oud but I love this

I don’t like oud that much but this fragrance is a nice balance enjoy that I ordered several two extra bottles. The oud scent is present in opening but is overtaken by the other notes shortly after the dry down. It’s still there but not as strong. I really like. Get one bottle and see if it fits you. Especially at that price

Mancera Red Tobacco
Ahmed Mohamud
Very masculine

I love this scent. It has a very masculine tone. No sweetness to it.

Frank Spada

Coach is coach always a favourite with my lady recommend

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