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Great perfume.. i really like it.. delivery service is good too.. i would prefer if signature wasn’t required though !.

Happy with this product

Happy with this product


Honestly, I bought this perfume for the bottle, but was pleasantly surprised by the cheerful scent. Even my husband liked it and he is not easily pleased by any fragrance without sandalwood or musk.

Easy site to use, delivered on time.
Would recommend


Personally did not find it very appealing, but got constant compliments so something must be working. I'll be wearing this frequently just for that reason tbh.

Great buy!

This is my favourite perfume and I find it hard to find so I ordered 5 bottles. It was a great price and the shipping was super fast. I am more than happy and will be purchasing again.

Just love it! Hope they will keep producing it! 💕

Amazing purchase

I am beyond happy about my experience with Perfume on line!
They were amazing. The selection, price and communication regarding delivery was outstanding! I have already put a short cut on my phone, ready to order again. Have told all family and friends as well. Thanks so much for being an amazing company to deal with!

Armani code

The perfume arrived on time as stated but when I opened it the box and bottle do not match the picture nor the product sold in stores. I sure hope that you sent me the correct perfume for my girlfriend

All good!

Everything went smoothly. Received within days of order.

Thank you

Product is fine. Very fast delivery. Thank you!

An under rated gem

This is a very nice Italian fougere frag. Starts with strong lavender and nutmeg and transitions to some lovely florals and a woody base. Nothing groundbreaking. Nothing unique. But it’s really well done and perfect for casual, daytime use.

A must have cologne with a very nice fragrance. Thanks to perfume online for a speedy delivery.

Armaf Club de nuit Intense

Was looking for an alternate Creed Aventus that I could use on a daily basis instead of using up my real bottle and it is incredibly close to the original scent of Aventus..
I will be ordering from perfumeonline again and again , Great service too ..

Great every day

Great , long lasting every day cologne. Best prices on this site. Fast shipping too

Very Disappointed

I bought this perfume as a gift to my better half for a very special occasion and I am sorry to say it was a total disappointment. While we couldn’t complain/doubt anything looking at the box/perfume bottle, when she used the perfume it doesn’t appear original. We liked this perfume for the aroma staying for long time and we tested this very recently in multiple shops with same experience. But the one we received is very short lived aroma and the aroma itself is not same as the original one. It can’t be our mistake as we have used this in past purchasing from Physical stores like Shoppers. We are not sure what’s wrong with this and who should take the responsibility. However going forward we will refrain of purchasing perfumes (especially if it’s for a special occasion or for nearest/dearest ones) from online store like this

Wow very impressed! I found a perfume that is hard to find in stores in my area and at a very good price!! Also received my order very quickly! Thank you perfumeonline!!! 😊❤️

So light I can't smell it.

Authentic Perfume

Perfumeonline is now my new favourite perfume store. Their perfumes are authentic yet less expensive! I bought different varieties when it was on sale to avail their free shipping promo. This one was made from Spain! A great buy because of its quality and value!

Ck In2u
Happy Camper

I was thrilled to receive my order so fast and it was exactly as I ordered, and packaged well. Very happy and will definitely order from them again!

Fresh and Clean

Thanks Perfumeonline for the fast delivery and for your competitively low prices! I bought this as a gift. The receiver told me that he always gets compliments for his fresh and clean scent.

Great Find

My husband said, the scent of Lomani Pour Homme is very comparable to Drakkar Noir, but at the fraction of its cost. This was truly a great find!

Cuba Royal
Smells like 1Million

I bought this as a gift to my uncle. He told me that the scent is very similar to 1 Million. Good value for the money!!!

Fast Delivery

Thanks Perfumeonline for good customer service and fast delivery! Jovan White Musk is the all-time favourite gift to my aunts, for its delicate and clean scent.

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